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Episode #55 from

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...and we didn't even plan to make a depressing show, but i guess we really are just pitiful sometimes. Did i say sometimes?

from a blurry vision of doom:

Pete Drake - The Spook (STARDAY)
Stringbean - Suicide Blues (STARDAY)
Buzz Busby - Lost (JIFFY)
Tex Unrue - Go Gig (JUNE)
Larry Bright - Mojo Man (TIDE)
Roger Pinkley - Town Clown (BLUE STAR)
Dawn 5 - A Necessary Evil (BEE GEE)
Tommy Sands - Bigger Than Texas (CAPITOL)
Howling Wolf - Poor Boy (CHESS)
Willie Nelson - I Never Cared For You (MONUMENT)
Johnny Garmon - Hey! Wind (MISSILE)
Hank Rogers - Wild Horse (RUBY)
Johnny Garmon - The Shadows Dance (MISSILE)
Dave Dudley - I Wouldn't Wait Around (PELHAM)
Dave Burgess - Take This Love (CHALLENGE)
Larry Ladd - Pitiful Past (LOU-NEITA)
Porter Wagoner - The Rubber Room (RCA)
Carl Linder - Desolate (GM)
The Ron-Dells - Lose Your Money (SMASH)
Mike Larson - Casey's Last Ride (EXTREMELY BRAVE)

  1. Matt Ringressi
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Episode #54 from

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...these, among other things, were the reasons for a seemingly eternal break that we took from this podacsting thing. But don't worry, nothing has changed - here are some more goodies in bad condition. Just like us

Though i lost the race i'm still a winner

The Country Dudes - Have A Ball (AZALEA)
Bobby Hart - Too Many Teardrops (INFINITY)
Jackie O'Neal - You Broke My Heart (CAPA)
T. Tommy - Come Sweet Chariot (MERCURY)
Jeanie Allen - I Really Love You (MALA)
The Neutrons - Sorrow At Sunset (RIDGE)
Moha Jamin - Raks Raks Raks (ROYAL)
The Seldom Scene - Joshua (REBEL)
Lanie Walker - Eenie Meenie Minie Mo (BLUE HEN)
Tex Cherry - Dirty Jim Blues (MEL-O-TONE)
Sonny Freeze - Cotton Pickin' Heartache (GUITAR)
Del Dark - Trip To Mexico (TIC TOC)
The Jesters - Cadillac Man (SUN)
Hank Snow - Music Makin' Mama From Memphis (RCA)
Billy Riley - Baby Please Don't Go (SUN)
Tony Casanova - The Grave (CREST)
William The Wild One - My Love Is True (FESTIVAL)
Brian Hyland - I'm Afraid To Go Home (ABC)
Rene Waters - Sleepy Time (GOLDEN RING)
Bob Lind - Cheryl's Goin' Home (FONTANA)

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    Episode #53 from

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    No, the title doesn't make any sense at all, but these names sound like you should expect the extra extravagant exotica excursion that this show isn't really. However, you can expect a bunch of great 45s - promoting suicide, superstition and smoking cornsilks.

    Good giggly wiggly!

    Chuck Hix - Loretta (FLARE)
    Don Weston - Wildfire (COAST)
    Danny & The Del-Airs - Samura (STRIPE)
    Don Weston - Superstition Mountain (COAST)
    The Mad Lads - Hey Man (MARK-FI)
    Danny Richards - You Can't Stop Me From Loving You (FORTUNE)
    Nathaniel Mayer - Village Of Love (FORTUNE)
    Los Doltons - Nila (SONO RADIO)
    The Minitmen - Rolling In Money (RUST)
    Clarry Glenn - Gotta Go Tho Work (JAY-LYNN)
    Frank Evans - The Ain't Got Blues (STARDAY)
    Honey May - Suicide (OAKRIDGE)
    Linda Manning - Gotta Run (DOKE)
    Terry Fell - Smoking Cornsilks (GILT-EDGE)
    Jim Nesbitt - Cry Me A River (CHART)
    Bob Fryfogle - Six Feet Under (WEDGE)
    Chance Halladay - Deep Sleep (BULL DOG)
    Troy Talton - Dreamer In The Night (CREST)
    The Del-Tinos - Nightlife (SONIC)
    Tommy Duncan - Frankie-Jean (AWARD)

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      Episode #52 from

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      Uh huh! More delicious platters without any food theme, for you connoisseurs of melodic meals served on raw wax with spicy crackle.

      Go home to your mother, find yourself another...box of records:

      Steve Wright - Wild Wild Woman (LIN)
      Carol & The Country Rebels - Fire Below (RAYDAR)
      Roy Moss - You Don't Know My Mind (MERCURY)
      The Shenandoah Trio - Surfin' Man (NEFI)
      Sleepy LaBeff - I'm Through (MERCURY)
      The Tornadoes - Phantom Surfer (AERTAUN)
      Tommy Moreland - The Drifter (MAID)
      Little Jimmy Dickens - Hey Ma! Hide The Daughter (COLUMBIA)
      The Cutups - She Has Gone (JIM)
      The Viceroys - Death Of An Angel (IMPERIAL)
      Sonny Knight - If You Want This Love (AURA)
      Mike Jarret - Devil's Hand (EXPRESS)
      Roy Orbison - Chicken Hearted (SUN)
      Roy Orbison - You're My Baby (SUN)
      Bobby Hamilton - Uh-Huh, Baby (DIANA)
      Paul Anka - Uh Huh (COLUMBIA)
      Rod Bernard - All Night In Jail (CARL)
      Huey Simms - Outlaw (CASTLE)
      Earl King - Baby You Can Get Your Gun (ACE)
      Alva - The Fastest Gun Alive (KP)
      The Saturday Knights - Ticonderoga (SWAN)
      Jim Backus and Friend - Delicious! (JUBILEE)

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        Episode #51 from

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        A bad sunburn would have been a good excuse to mix these great, silly, weird, dark, and not-so-hot records, but that's just the way we've always done it. Tears won't make the cotton grow - but they make good songs!

        Don't touch me, Clyde!

        Bob Ayres - Denver Part II (LUCKY PENNY)
        Ronnie Isle - Bad Sunburn (MGM)
        Hank Penny - Fan It (RCA)
        Jack Bailey - The Bad Apple (RODEO)
        Billy Napier - The Devils Furnace (BIG 5)
        Dick Tacker - Rock All Night With Me (KINGSTON)
        Nancy Sinatra - Lightning's Girl (REPRISE)
        Jay Cee Hill - Crash Out (EPIC)
        Brook Benton - Lumberjack (MERCURY)
        Count Ferrell - Wizard Of Ah's (ASTRA)
        Shel Price - Ballad Of Hollis Brown (CROSSFIRE)
        Marvin Rainwater - Tears (WEDGE)
        The Stratfords - Never Leave Me (O'DELL)
        Bob Gifford - Mary Goes Round (MANCO)
        Daryl Petty - Bottled Corn (VANDOR)
        The Turbans - Lament Of Silver Gulch (IMPERIAL)
        J. Frank Wilson - Unmarked And Covered In The Sand (SULLY)
        Bobby Martin - Give Your Heart To Me (RUBY)
        Bob Ayres - Denver Part I (LUCKY PENNY)

        1. Erika
          Hallo, eure Show ist überhaupt nicht boring, sondern richtig cool
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        Episode #50 from

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        Things gettin rough! Is it ok to get wrinkles at 50? I mean episodes... of this messy radioshow-a-like disaster. Here's another mixed bag of crackly coolness and tough teenagers on 45.

        They went round and round and round...

        Bobby Smith & Sonny Freeze - Cool Cool Baby (GUITAR)
        Rodney & The Blazers - Wrinkles (KAMPUS)
        The Emperor - Tough De Times (ARGO)
        Bobby Wallin - Voo Doo Drums (WATERFALL)
        Akim - Voodoo Drums (PAN WORLD)
        Bob Luman - Amarillo Blues (unissued/SLEAZY)
        Vernon Taylor - Your Lovin' Man (unissued/SUN)
        Ronnie Fuller - Do The Dive (JOLI)
        Bobby Allen - Gonna Leave This Town (ARD)
        The Marquis - Six Gun (CLASS)
        Ollie Shepard - My Baby's Gone (GEE)
        Les & Helen Tussey - They Went Round (POOR BOY)
        W. Lee O'Daniel - High Falutin' Newton (COLUMBIA)
        The Staple Singers - Gambling Man (RIVERSIDE)
        Sorrells Pickard - The Gates Of Hell (STOP)
        Troy Onteare - Love's Secret Charms (MAXWELL 56)
        Art Jones - She Loves Me (RAVEN)
        Tiny Tim - I've Gotta Find Someone (TEEN'S CHOICE)
        The Krazy Kords - That's My Desire (AMERICAN)

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          Episode #49 from

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          Nah, it's not a real stormy show. More like a fresh breeze of overlooked oddities and outstanding one-offs. And remember: don't make the same mistakes that fools make every day!

          We done it before and we'll do it again:

          Roy Smith & The Cardinals - The Cellar (PRESTIGE)
          Terry Tyler - Thousand Feet Below (LANDA)
          Ron Hart & The Hearts - Stormy (LOLITA)
          Pete Pike - On Top Of The Hill (REBEL)
          Lazy Lester - I'm A Lover Not A Fighter (EXCELLO)
          The Flares - I Told My Baby (JA-KAP)
          Red Foley - Blues Of My Red Wagon Blues (DECCA)
          Skip Manning - Devil Blues (EMPIRE)
          Kip Tyler - Shadow Street (CHALLENGE)
          Eddie Johnson - Mis-ter Night (CANDY)
          The Jerms - Love Light (CASINO)
          "Big" Lloyd Dalton - Freight Train Man (LINJO)
          The Stone Cutters - Fellow Slave (SHURFINE)
          The Moonlighters - Mainline (COUNTRY ROAD)
          Bill Andress - The Red Light Bandit (ASTRO)
          Jim Craft - Little David's Rock (DARE)
          Eddie Hill - Monkey Business (SPARTON)
          Ronnie Isle & The Yo Yo's - Hassie (OKEH)
          Jimmy Case - High School Hall Of Fame (WILCO)
          Bill Monroe - Lonesome Wind Blues (DECCA)
          Dargo - The Dream (TAD)

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            Episode #48 from

            PLAY Download 88.8 MB

            Back after filling holes in teeth and record boxes, we're back to play voodoo on the opposite sex and some delicious pizza shaped sound carriers. Comprende!?

            womp doo di womp doo di, womp womp

            Larry Skiles - Echoes (JAMAKA)
            Don Sargent - The Jelly Coal Man (RCA)
            David Morrison - Voodo (VEE-JAY)
            Smiley Smith - Voo Doo Woman (APOLLO)
            Joe Wallace - Leopard Man (MOON)
            Billy Wallace - You Can't Ride On My Train (BLUE HEN)
            Pat Wallace - I'm Gonna Fill The Hole In Your Soul (ST.CLAIR)
            Barbara Rusken - Where Did I Go Wrong (Acetate)
            Etta James - Tough Lover (MODERN)
            Homer Cole - Legend Of A Strike (FAIRDALE)
            Bill Garland - Lonesome Guitar (PAM)
            Jeanette B. Washington - Medicine Man (NEPTUNE)
            Sandi & The Spades - A Million Pieces (THREE RIVERS)
            Frankie Angel - A Man Called Satan (TANO)
            The Neons - Fat Girls (CHALLENGE)
            Steve Alaimo - Big Bad Beulah (CHECKER)
            Buddy Lucas - Oh Mary Ann (SAVOY)
            Tennesse Ernie & Ella Mae Morse - Hog Tied Over You (CAPITOL)
            Gary Whitman - Saddle Shootin' Buddy (KAREN)
            Hillard Street - Comprende (CAPITOL)
            The German Blue Flames - Rhythm & Blues & Jonny (FORMAT)

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              Episode #47 from

              PLAY Download 91.9 MB

              So of course on a date like this it's time to talk about slaves, lynching and hanging. Even Batman is speechless and some hipster fights the devil with a flute. There you go, sweetie!

              You know, it's either do or die:

              Dave Dudley - Where There's A Will There's A Way (NRC)
              Vaughn Simmons - What Am I Gonna Do (LOGAN)
              Sweetie Jones - I Must Be Slippin' (NRC)
              Luke Gordon - Eight Years In Atlanta (BLUE RIDGE)
              Melvin Nash - True Lovin' Woman (SHORE BIRD)
              Tommy Sands - Doctor Heartache (CAPITOL)
              Berna-Dean - One Gal In Town, Five Men Hanging Around (IMPERIAL)
              Forrest Green - The Shell (KING)
              Sharron with Uncle Ben & The Wild Rice - Holdin Blues (PLAMIE)
              Joan Joyce Trio - Captured (EDNEY)
              Jack Rodgers - Taheene (STAFF)
              Johnny Bragg - I'm Free (ELBEJAY)
              Lonnie Holt - Overton Hanging (RE-ECHO)
              Debbie O'Brian - Slave From Georgia (DANA-AIRE)
              Mike St.Shaw - Hurry Sundown (CAPITOL)
              Bob Sandy - Somebody's Been Beatin' My Time (TOPS)
              The 4 Of Us - You Gonna Be Mine (HIDEOUT)
              The 4 Of Us - Batman (HIDEOUT)
              Jimmy Slone - The Girl With The Flaxen Hair (TOWNE HOUSE)
              Billy Brown - Next (COLUMBIA)
              Big Daddy - Daniel Webster And The Devil (WYNNE)
              Leonard Johnson - You Can't Run Away From Love (ARVEE)

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                Episode #46 from

                PLAY Download 114.7 MB

                You're looking for trouble? You came the right place! After a mighty long delay, we're back to torture you with an energy package of satanic finger poppin'. And we tried to have more music and less talking... We tried!

                An overloaded circuit gonna blow your fuse:

                Ray Doggett - No Doubt About It (PEARL)
                The Megatons - Little Atom (FOREST)
                Danny Boy - Kokomo Me Baby (TIFCO)
                The Bluegrass Special - Stripmine (JODELL)
                Jimmy Lee - You Ain't No Good For Me (FORTUNE)
                Johnny Powers - Trouble (unissued, from LP)
                Boots Faye & Idaho Call - Grinnin' Like A 'Possum (CAPITOL)
                Carey Demo - Billy The Kid (acetate)
                Charlie Gracie - Honey! Honey! (20th CENTURY)
                Curtis James - Get Behind Me Satan (JAWA)
                The Energy Package - This Is The Twelfth Night (LAURIE)
                Kerney Ravet - Top Gun (MERCURY)
                Gary Smith - Twilight Zone (ELKO)
                Bobby Swanson - Willow (IGLOO)
                Lowell McGuire - Leave My Girl alone (NASCO)
                Jack Marshall - Finger Poppin' (CAPITON)
                Jim Lowe - The Crossing (DOT)
                Bobby Scott - White Line (ABC)
                The Surfmen - Ghost Hop (TITAN)
                Buffalo Johnson - Another Mile To Nashville (RICH-R-TONE)
                Aaron Neville - Over You (MINIT)
                Dakota Staton - A Little You (CAPITOL)
                Vince Anthony - Too Hot To Handle (HILTON)
                The Victors - We Struck A Match (ALPHA)
                The Hollywood Argyles - You Been Torturing Me (PAXLEY)
                The Davis Sisters - Gotta Git A-Goin' (RCA)
                David Gates - You'll Be My Baby (MALA)
                Julius And Ceasar - Ape On My Fire Escape (WREN)

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                  Episode #45 from

                  PLAY Download 83.4 MB

                  Since we've been gone for a little longer than unsual, you might have expected us to prepare a 45th show full of monster 45s. Instead we got you some LP-only material on 33

                  Better hide your sister, man!

                  Sterling Blythe - Ghost Town (CROWN LP)
                  Bill Haley & The Comets - Train Of Sin (GUEST STAR LP)
                  Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps - Cat Man (CAPITOL LP)
                  Unknown Artist - Packin' To Move (unissued, from LP comp)
                  Glen Glenn - If I Had Me A Woman (unissued, from ACE LP)
                  Henry Thome - Wolf Bait (VIV)
                  The Uncalled For - Since You've Been Gone (acetate, from LP comp)
                  Stan Vincent - Building "99" (DWAIN)
                  Jerry Warren - Tremble (DORSET)
                  Ken Marvin - The Honky Tonk Melody (RCA)
                  Betty Jean Morris - Shack Daddy (CAPITOL)
                  Bobby Hankins - Honky Tonk Queen (AD)
                  Don Hosea - Misery (RITA)
                  Johnny Carroll - Bandstand Doll (WARNER BROS)
                  Johnny Carroll - Crazy Crazy Lovin' (DECCA)
                  Glenn Barber - Six Years And A Day (HICKORY)
                  Glenda Jo Vett - You Treat Me Like A Baby (REECE-RAWSON)
                  Janece Morgan - Money Honey (MARLEE)
                  Bob Jaxon - You Gotta Have Something In The Bank Frank (RCA)

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                    Episode #44 from

                    PLAY Download 85.4 MB

                    Half asleep in a food coma, we weren't actually super in doing this show. But this monday's fools also brought some folky folks among the usual crackly cats. Duliabababa-zoink-zoink!

                    sweeter than the peaches that come in a can:

                    Richard Berry - Crazy Lover (FLAIR)
                    Kitty White - I'm Gonna Be A Fool Next Monday (MERCURY)
                    Mac Curtis - You Ain't Treatin' Me Right (KING)
                    Hank Davis - You're My Kind (WIZZ)
                    Bobby Shafto - Wonderful You (RUST)
                    Cecil Bowman - Man Awaitin' (D)
                    Billy Riley - Trouble Bound (SUN)
                    The Kingston Trio - Bad Man Blunder (CAPITOL)
                    Nervous Norvus - The Fang (DOT)
                    Hal Croft - Rock Pile (JAB)
                    Allen Page - She's The One That Got It (MOON)
                    Nicky DeMatteo - Crackin' Stone (KELSO)
                    Billy Fury - Wondrous Place (DECCA)
                    Kirk Hanserd - Johnny Collins (HAP)
                    The Spiders - Is It True? (IMPERIAL)
                    Phil Beasley - The Restless Wind (JALYN)
                    Dick Unteed - That Crazy War (RURAL RHYTHM)
                    The Coachmen - Lonely Rider (AMATEUR)
                    Narvel Felts - Cry Baby, Cry (MERCURY)
                    Mason Profitt - The Two Hangmen (HAPPY TIGER)

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                      Episode #43 from

                      PLAY Download 86.1 MB

                      Something's going on in my room, and that's some mighty hot air. So the big little man and one of his fifteen girlfriends waited for the black night to get some hot guitars mixed up. An inferno of stupidity, as usual

                      Red West - Midnight Ride (DOT)
                      Les "Carrot Top" Anderson - Johnny Sorrow (CROSBY)
                      Daddy Cleanhead - Something's Going On In My Room (SPECIALTY)
                      Cosmo - A Little Mixed Up (TILT)
                      Little Denny & The Torkays - I'd Like To Take You Walking (PERRY)
                      David Price - Hot Guitar (PHICO)
                      Hayden Thompson - One Broken Heart (PHILLIPS)
                      Jerry Lynn - Bugger Burns (D)
                      Edwin Howard - More Pretty Girls Than One (PHILLIPS)
                      Nino Tempo - Fifteen Girlfriends (RCA)
                      Marijohn Wilkin - What Can I Do To Please You (COLUMBIA)
                      Cheryle Thompson - Black Night (STATESIDE)
                      The Midnighters - I'll Be Home Someday (FEDERAL)
                      Gordon Lightfoot - Black Day In July (UNITED ARTISTS)
                      Andre Williams - Jail Bait (FORTUNE)
                      Tex Williams - The Big Man (BOONE)
                      Russ & The Sting Rays - Rat Pack (RVI)
                      Griz Green - The Big Little Man (WARNER BROS)
                      Roscoe Scully - How Come My Dog Don't Bark No More (CREST)
                      Zeke Clements - Devil River (GOLD STANDARD)
                      The King Bees - On Your Way Down The Drain (RCA)
                      The Mark IV - Dante's Inferno (MERCURY)

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                        Episode #42 from

                        PLAY Download 82.2 MB

                        ...i wouldn't cut timber on a windy day or spin records on a hot summer day. Unlike your TV mama and radio papa, who mess it all up again.

                        Did you say wigwam willie?

                        Ray Sawyer - I'm Gonna Leave (SANDY)
                        Sanford Clark - The Black Widow Spider (LHI)
                        Ricky Nelson - I Wanna Be Loved (IMPERIAL)
                        Wally Lewis - Red Light (FABOR)
                        Carl Phillips - Wigwam Willie (BOBBIN)
                        Bob Center - Poor Little Black Sheep (BOBBY)
                        Tommy Ridgley - Woncha Gone (HERALD)
                        Spike Jones - Hotter Than A Pistol (RCA)
                        The Keytones - La-Do-Da-Da (CHELSEA)
                        Sonny James - Don't Cut Timber On A Windy Day (CAPITOL)
                        "Cuzzin Bill" Hamby - Heartbreak Station (WAY-VEE)
                        Ray Frushay - Timber (RENNER)
                        SugarPie DeSanto - Baby It Ain't Right (VELTONE)
                        The Dispoto Sisters - Timber (VERVE)
                        Kenny Walker - Sweet Sugar Cane (ENTREE)
                        Jack Wayne Jr. - In The Pines (BIG WEST)
                        The Frantics Four - T.V. Mama (GULFSTREAM)
                        Bobby Scott - Driftwood (ABC)
                        The Thunder Mountain Boys - Girl In The Woods (CAPEHEART)
                        Toby Dowdy - I'd Cut Your Water Off (TENNESSEE)

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                          Episode #41 from

                          PLAY Download 97.8 MB

                          Just open your ears, throw in a handful of pleasant tasting records, and all your sorrows and pains will disappear

                          Tonight's the night, man!

                          Phil Campos - Street Fight (IMPACT)
                          William Richards & Ronnie Laine - Wild Passionate Love (ACETATE)
                          Doodle Duncan - Late In The Evening (LIN)
                          Billy Mize - Planet Named Desire (CAL'S CORRAL LP)
                          Hoyt Axton - Voodoo Blues (VEE JAY LP)
                          The Velaires - Sticks And Stones (JAMIE)
                          Tommy Sena - I Just Don't Understand (TOP SOUND)
                          Art Neville - Arabian Love Call (SPECIALTY)
                          Bob Gallion - My Square Dancin' Mama (MGM)
                          Walter Dixon - Goodbye She's Gone (ERWIN)
                          Mary Del - Leave My Heart (CADENCE)
                          Connie Francis - Fallin' (MGM)
                          Marty Robbins - Ain't I The Lucky One (COLUMBIA)
                          Ray Stevens - Jeremiah Peabody's Poly Unsaturated Quick Dissolving Fast Acting Pleasant Tasting Green And Purple Pills (MERCURY)
                          Tom Tyson & The Why Not Jug Band - Codine (FAAP)
                          Boots Walker - A Bum Can't Cry (RUST)
                          Wolfe Kookie - Ride Your Horse (ALL-TECH)
                          Larry Collins - T-Bone (COLUMBIA)
                          Paul Williams - Deep River (DECCA)
                          The Zakary Thaks - Bad Girl (MERCURY)
                          Johnny Darcy - Rockin' The Ark (SYCAMORE)

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                            Episode #40 from

                            PLAY Download 90.4 MB

                            and i don't mean whee feature the very special no-JesterWild-no-special! So if you came for that, all you get is even more records and more of our annoying talk.

                            The Scholars - Kan-Gu-Wa (IMPERIAL)
                            Chase Canfil - Woke Up This Morning (DART)
                            Tex Johnston - Fifty Dollar Pete & The Dog Team Mail (SAGE)
                            Harold White - Dream Of Me (MASTER)
                            Chip Fisher - Poor Me (ADDISON)
                            Karl Denver - Pastures Of Plenty (DECCA)
                            Lonnie Donegan - Whoa Back Buck (DOT)
                            Lloyd "Fatman" - Where You Been? (OKEH)
                            Ron Davis - Soul Of A Working Man (SHELL)
                            Dennis "The Rocket" - Jungle Jive (M-ERALD)
                            Chuck Bowers - Big Jim Bowie (DECCA)
                            Fred Darian - Rib Bone (GARDENA)
                            Tony Wilde - Funny Bone (GARDENA)
                            The Standells - Rari (TOWER)
                            Bill Spivery - Envy, Falsehood And Pride (TAHOE)
                            Willie Mae Thornton - How Come (PEACOCK)
                            Bobby Hamilton - How Come (APT)
                            Harmon Boazeman - No Love In You (SARG)
                            Bill Compton - Iron Man (LITE)
                            Hardrock Gunter - Whoo! I Mean Whee! (EMPEROR)
                            Bob Harter - The Atom (20th FOX)
                            Jimmy Dean - Dear Ivan (COLUMBIA)

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                              Episode #39 from

                              PLAY Download 86.1 MB

                              It's this year's easter challenge is to find hidden gems, Hawaiian 45s, big foot and some uranium. You get a much less depressing episode than last time, with only one crying guitar involved!

                              The Five Finks - Crying Guitar (BERTRAM Int'l)
                              Johnny Starr - Fire Burns (SNAP)
                              Dottie Ferguson - Slow Burn (KERNEL)
                              Jack Morris - River San Gabriel (PEP)
                              Angeline & Hawaii's Teen Towners - Hula Rock And Roll (BERTRAM Int'l)
                              Tex Roe - John The Baptist (ROBIN)
                              Steve Barry - Tell Me Your Troubles (VERUS)
                              Elton Britt - Uranium Fever (RCA)
                              Googie Rene - Big Foot (CLASS)
                              The Volunteers - Digging Black Gold (JJ SOUND)
                              Wes Dakus - El Ringo (QUALITY)
                              Eric Chambers - Strip Minin' Man (LANDFILL)
                              Ken & Carol Craig - That Will Be The Day (BERTRAM Int'l)
                              Stanley Kimball - No Return (GEM)
                              Faye Adams - Johnny Lee (IMPERIAL)
                              Bill Tutt - Monkey On My Back (GILT-EDGE)
                              Billy Land - Shimmy Shake (WARNER BROS.)
                              Hoyt Axton - Grizzy Bear (HORIZON)
                              Bill Lawrence Combo - Pyramid (BERTRAM Int'l)
                              Jo-Jo Dermontte - The Big Egg (FRANTIC)
                              Mel Cavin - My Mummy (BERTRAM Int'l)

                              1. gemmalady
                                Swell tunes as always
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                              Episode #38 from

                              PLAY Download 95.2 MB

                              While peoples lives are being destroyed, we hear the songs that remind us of what we all should have destroyed long ago instead. So this is a sad but uncensored episode full of killers against killing

                              ...a war that ain't a war?!

                              The Wise Guyz - Time Is Really Gone (EL TORO)
                              Jeff Thomas - Spring Sadness (LU-BON)
                              Danny Darren - Fool About You (DRAEGER)
                              Bob Leers - The World's Gone Mad (HIAWATHA)
                              Prince Arky - Ten Horned Devil (NU-STAR)
                              The Uncalled For - Masters Of War (Acetate, from LP)
                              Harry Charles - By The Gun (WILDCAT)
                              Harry Lee - Everytime I See You (VIN)
                              Bennie Hess - Trucker's Blues (MUSICODE)
                              Ton Steine Scherben - Macht kaputt, was euch kaputt macht (DAVID VOLKSMUND)
                              Robert Smith - Gotta Run (MAGNET)
                              Len Johnson - Sweet Thing (RAY-CO)
                              Hannah Dean - Strange Man (COLUMBIA)
                              The Luvin' Kind - Answers Please (EMBER LP)
                              Denny Ezba - The Last Man (QUANTA)
                              The Regents - Russian Spy And I (DOT)
                              Ben Gabbard - The Lineman's Song (ROCKET)
                              Nappy Brown - Nobody Can Say (SAVOY)
                              Ruki'v Bryuki - I Picture A World (EL TORO)

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                                Episode #37 from

                                PLAY Download 89.6 MB

                                Again, we knock knock knock you off your feet and John off his surfboard... with anything from crackly crap to monumental masterpieces!

                                Sixteen chickens and a blue hen

                                Dick Holler - Living By The Gun (ACE)
                                Joyce Webb - Ain't That Just Like A Man (DOMNINO)
                                Ronnie Chapman - Rags And Old Iron (COLUMBIA)
                                Nature Boy - Surfer John (BERTRAM)
                                The Dorsals with The Gatormen - Namu (CAMELOT)
                                Lanie Walker - No Use Knocking On My Door (BLUE HEN)
                                Hank Penny - Flamin' Mamie (KING)
                                Al & Jim - Rock-a-Billy Music (LOGAN)
                                Charlie 'Peanut' Faircloth - Coffee, Cigarettes and Tears (DECCA)
                                Jerry Glenn - Sixteen Chickens And A Tambourine (RCA)
                                Eddie Kirk - Freight Train Breakdown (CAPITOL)
                                Bobby Lord - High Voltage (COLUMBIA)
                                The Amber Sisters - Cherokee Eyes (CAPITOL)
                                The Rivileers - I Wanna See My Baby (BATON)
                                Johnny Gore - Running Water (REED)
                                Bobby Sanders - Knock Knock Love (RASON)
                                Jim Reeves - My Rambling Heart (ABBOTT)
                                Blind Blake - Run Come See Jerusalem (ART)
                                The Ramparts - The Death Of Emmett Till (DOOTONE)
                                The Wet Paint - Shame (ROYAL HOLLYWOOD)
                                Ron Sutherland - Psycho Gunner (LINDRICK)
                                Don Carson - Yes Master! (BERTRAM)

                                1. Hick Doller
                                  what should I say. A stunning show as always vinyl sniffers, but it seems you were bit confused about your needles. Was ist da los?
                                Got something to say about this show?


                                Episode #36 from

                                PLAY Download 87.8 MB

                                WHAT IF?!... this title has no particular meaning?! What if we will bang you with another random spinout with our latest hub caps?

                                That ain't an olive, buddy. It's a microphone!

                                Charlie Fury - Reptile (AL-BE)
                                Big Buddy Lucas - Get Away Fly (PIONEER)
                                Pat Davis - Spinner Hub Caps (ACTS)
                                Hank Williams - Fly Trouble (MGM)
                                Jody Reynolds & Bobbie Gentry - Requiem For Love (TITAN)
                                Von Ray - Working Man (DEE JAY)
                                Tony Allen - Check Yourself Baby (SPECIALTY)
                                Ronnie Corey - Lazy Man (BIG)
                                Johnny Garmon - Since I Found You (MISSILE)
                                George Weston - Dead Man (CHALLENGE)
                                The Gaye Sisters - Oh Ricky (GLENN)
                                Barbara Feldon - 99 (RCA)
                                Jerry Fuller - I Dreamed About My Lover (CHALLENGE)
                                Ronnie Martin - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (SOFT)
                                Kip Tyler - Eternity (GYRO-DISC)
                                Tommy Steele - Doomsday Rock (WAM)
                                Charlie Gracie - My Baby Loves Me (20th CENTURY)
                                Will Bangue - Petty Blue (SUPERBIRD)
                                Paul Perrymman - I'm Crying No (DUKE 78)
                                Don Jones - Bigfoot (PANORAMA)

                                  Got something to say about this show?


                                  Episode #35 from

                                  PLAY Download 84.1 MB

                                  Yes, that's me: Mighty Mischka doing a show by myself on new years eve. You'll hear much better noise than the fireworks outside, including some LP-only stuff, but unfortunately you won't hear that funny lady's voice this time.

                                  Got nothing working now but my good ol' fashioned records:

                                  Big Jim DeNoone (voc. by Bill Carter) - A Woman's Way (4Star Promo / from BearFamily LP)
                                  Artie Dillon - In My Teens (KANDY KANE)
                                  Tooter Boatman - Teenage Hangout (uniss./ from WhiteLabel LP)
                                  Macy Skipper - Bop Pills (uniss./ from Norton 45)
                                  The Thunder Rocks - Speed Trap (uniss./ from GetHip LP)
                                  Titus Turner - Hungry Man (ATLANTIC)
                                  Harold Jenkins - Crazy Dreams (uniss./ from crappy LP)
                                  Cozy Cole - Bad (LOVE)
                                  Benny Joy - Miss Bobby Sox (uniss./ from WhiteLabel LP)
                                  Billy Boy - Prisoner's Plea (VIVID)
                                  Ray Campi - The Crossing (uniss. from Black Rooster LP)
                                  Glen Garrison - You're My Darling (CREST)
                                  Les Paul - Caravan (CAPITOL LP)
                                  Ann Cole - I've Got Nothing Working Now (BATON)
                                  Hayden Thompson - You Are My Sunshine (uniss./ from Charly LP)
                                  Nappy Brown - Well, Well, Well, Baby-la (SAVOY)
                                  Jimmy Stayton - Hot Hot Mama (BLUE HEN / from DeeJay reissue)
                                  Ronnie Gill - Standing On A Mountain (RIP)
                                  Percy Mayfield - The Lonely One (SPECIALTY 78)

                                  1. Masi
                                    Hey Mischka, thanks for the broadcast, keep ’em comin!
                                  2. Arbeiterkind André
                                    THANKS SO MUCH! :)
                                  Got something to say about this show?


                                  Episode #34 from

                                  PLAY Download 89.9 MB

                                  So here's this year's last show before Miss Highfalutin' Mama takes off for a visit to her old home. You get the usual bunch of random nonsense... like the kinda stuff you get for xmas

                                  i lost my faith in the human race...

                                  Bobby Roberts - Cravin' (HUT)
                                  Bill & Doree Post - Born For The Open Road (CREST)
                                  Bobby Darin - Similau (ATCO)
                                  The Dixie Nightingales - Assassination (CHALICE)
                                  Al & Ina Harris - Don't Tempt Me (BORDA)
                                  Shel Price - Last Day For JFK (JOX)
                                  Harold Dorman - Uncle Jonah's Place (SUN)
                                  Thumbs Carlise & Ginny O'Boyle - Indian Girl, Indian Boy (EPIC)
                                  Roy Hamilton - Crazy Feeling (EPIC)
                                  Red Arrow & The Braves - The Last Days Of Kinzua (KINZUA)
                                  Red Arrow & The Braves - Red Skin Rumble (KINZUA)
                                  Phil Johnson - Lying, Cheating, Stealing (PHASE III)
                                  Arthur Alexander - Baby Baby (DOT)
                                  Lee Corvette - Old Devil's Eye (DECCA)
                                  Otto Bash - Lookout Mountain (RCA)
                                  Clay Robbins - Angel Lips And Devil Eyes (KING)
                                  Chuck Miller - Lookout Mountain (MERCURY)
                                  Glenn Garrison - The Ballad Of Hank Gordon (LODE)
                                  Mack Self - Willie Brown (PHILLIPS)
                                  Jery Dyke - Tennessee (NUGGET)
                                  The Farmer Boys - My Baby Done Left Me (CAPITOL)
                                  Cliff Ferré - A Cocky Cowboy (KEM)

                                    Got something to say about this show?


                                    Episode #33 from

                                    PLAY Download 90.2 MB

                                    We just noticed that todays titles tell a weird story on their own. If we hadn't been distracted by the greatness of the 45s, we could probably write a book about atomic bombs, aliens, pills, whiskey, taxes, welfare, minimum wage, misery... and one little baby. What a nightmare!

                                    The how and why and what we do:

                                    Steve Barry - The Nightmare (VERUS)
                                    Sammy Salvo - One Little Baby (MARK V)
                                    Hank Penny - Taxes, Taxes (RCA)
                                    Cora Woods - Rocks In Your Head (FEDERAL)
                                    Ernie Sheldon - And A Man (COLUMBIA)
                                    The Carlisles - John Came Home (COLUMBIA)
                                    Timothy Tree - Come Right Out (QUALIA)
                                    Donnie Brooks - Sway And Move With The Beat (ERA)
                                    Frank Dycus - The Visit (LOCO)
                                    Mike Adkins - The Invaders Are Here (RCA)
                                    Danny Welch - Riding Shotgun (STARS)
                                    Barry Sadler - Whiskey (GAS)
                                    Jack & The Contrasts - Thumpin' The Blues (PRECISE)
                                    The Echoes - Every Second Of The Day (ART)
                                    Jacky Lee - Misery (TEEN-AGER)
                                    Bo Diddley - Pills (CHECKER)
                                    B.K. Anderson - The Minimum Wage (SWIRL)
                                    Mike Smith - That's What I'd Do (ERA)
                                    Eric Chambers - Meigs County Welfare Blues (LANDFILL)
                                    The Last Word - Sleepy Hollow (DOWNEY)
                                    Harold L. & The Offbeats - Three Years (HAPPY HEARTS)
                                    Hardrock Gunter - We Three (EMPEROR)

                                    1. Easy Boy
                                      Thanks for the grrreeat show! Just recently discovered it, so I have a lot of work to do, but I'm going to listen them all! Greetings from Finland
                                    2. Bird is a word
                                      Thanks again guys! Love it ♥ Awesome records ♪
                                    Got something to say about this show?


                                    Episode #32 from

                                    PLAY Download 103.6 MB

                                    Yes it's true! We have friends! And he came to visit! For the very first time we have a special mystery guest: Nobody will ever know the identity of Sheik Inkhazi, but everyone will enjoy his fine black gold!

                                    Even the better organised guest couldn't fix this particularily chaotic episode:

                                    Nicky Robbins - Going To A Party (ROYALTY)
                                    Wee Willie Harris - I Go Ape (CHRALIE PARKER)
                                    Wynonie Harris - Tell A Whale Af A Tale (ATCO)
                                    Billie J. Killen - Georgia Boy (MERIDIAN)
                                    Bill Royal - Caffeine, Nicotine And Gasoline (ODESSA)
                                    Vance Williams - The Legend Of Georgia Moon (TRUMPET)
                                    Cecil Campbell - Fog Rising On The Mountain (MGM)
                                    Joel Warren - Evil Boll Weevil (KAPP)
                                    Joe Ann Stokes - Weeds Above My Grave (VETCO)
                                    Conchita Velasco - Una Oportunidad (BELTER)
                                    The Pirates - Cuttin' Out (BACKSTAGE)
                                    The Sounds Of Country - The Last Man To Die (B-ROD)
                                    The Robins - Loop De Loop Mambo (SPARK)
                                    Red Callendar Sextette - Voodoo (HOLLYWOOD)
                                    Ralph Young - Wichita Town (EVEREST)
                                    Merle Kilgore - Lovers Hell (MERCURY)
                                    Wally Deane - Drag On (ARTIC)
                                    Dav Kipp - Yea! My Baby Loves Me (CORAL)
                                    The Coachmen - Mr. Moon (BEAR)
                                    McKinley Mitchell - You're Not Gonna Break My Heart (ONE-DERFUL)
                                    Hawkshaw Hawkins - I'm A Lone Wolf (KING)
                                    Dicke Lee - Good Lovin' (SUN)
                                    John Kerby - Get Hot Or Go Home (DIANE)
                                    The Southcoasters - Wild Train (NEW SOUTH)
                                    Johnny Horton - Train With A Rhumba Beat (MERCURY)
                                    Bixie Crawford - Go 'Way Blues (C-NOTE)
                                    Cecil Foutch - Little Bird (DEL-RAY)
                                    Bob Jaxon - Do The People (20th Fox)

                                    1. Drunken lonely man
                                      Kinda in love with your choice of records. Great stuff. Keep on spinning ‚em cheers Ronald
                                    Got something to say about this show?


                                    Episode #31 from

                                    PLAY Download 87.3 MB

                                    Come on and join the society for the prevention of organized quality radio presentation! A good record is hard to find - that's why we haven't got many of those today.

                                    Tell'em lies and feed'em records:

                                    Lee Duncan - Little Did I Know (PERFECTION)
                                    Dianne Renner - Quicksand (ACCENT)
                                    The Clovers - In The Morning Time (ATLANTIC)
                                    Jilla Webb - Devil In A Mans Disguise (LION)
                                    Don Sargent - Voodoo Kiss (CATALINA)
                                    Wini Brown - Johnny With The Gentle Hands (JARO)
                                    Mickey & Sylvia - No Good Lover (GROOVE)
                                    Big Maybelle - A Good Man Is Hard To Find (SAVOY)
                                    Werly Fairburn - All The Time (SAVOY)
                                    Charlie Walker - Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy (DECCA)
                                    Randy Lee - Tell Me (EVEREST)
                                    Lee Duncan - Running Wild (BAI)
                                    Bernie Nee - Lend Me Your Comb (COLUMBIA)
                                    Clyde Law - Max Mace The Racing Ace (MABLE)
                                    Bob Wilson - Jailer Jailer (ERA)
                                    Tony Dodge - Five Years (SQUARE)
                                    Nappy Brown - My Baby (SAVOY)
                                    Ferlin Huskey - Slow Down Brother (CAPITOL)
                                    Warren Smith - I've Got Love If You Want It (SUN)
                                    Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy - Wish I Was A Car (COLUMBIA)
                                    Link Wray - The Shadow Knows (SWAN)
                                    The Cody Sisters - Come On And Join The Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Girls In Love (ARCH)

                                      Got something to say about this show?


                                      Episode #30 from

                                      PLAY Download 86.8 MB

                                      What the heck! There were too many doomsdays since the last show, so we were walking our blues away and share some of that with you.

                                      Who's this we? Got a mouse in your pocket?

                                      Zen Fuller - Doomsday (ACAMA)
                                      Vernon Tayor - I Got The Blues (DOT)
                                      Jules Blattner - Heartbeat (NORMAN)
                                      Johnny Tyler - Bad Luck (RURAL RHYTHM)
                                      Ronnie Self - Bless My Broken Heart (KAPP)
                                      Alvis Wayne - Lay Your Head On My Shoulder (WESTPORT)
                                      Jimmy Minor - Satan's Chauffeur (MERCURY)
                                      Bo Diddley - The Great Grandfather (CHECKER)
                                      Gene Ross - Endless Sleep (Dirty HERALD)
                                      Phil Gray - Somebody's Got My Baby (ROBBINS)
                                      Laurie & Larry Collins - Lonesome Road (COLUMBIA)
                                      Jimmy Williams - What A Change (ROULETTE)
                                      Jimmie Skinner - Walkin' My Blues Away (MERCURY)
                                      Eddie Bond - The Monkey And The Baboon (DIPLOMAT)
                                      Russ Sainty - Race With The Devil (DECCA)
                                      Lonnie - Need Your Lovin' (MOHAWK)
                                      Lonnie Smithson - It Takes Time (STARDAY)
                                      Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones - What The Heck (REO)
                                      Duffy Power - What Now? (FONTANA)
                                      The Slades - Just You (DOMINO)
                                      Duane Dee - When The Devil Rides The Wind (CAPITOL)
                                      The Torquays - Temptation (PUNCH)
                                      Jerry Glenn - Too Young To Cut The Mustard (RCA)

                                      1. Ben Sparkle
                                        what the heck, whats goin on pistol lickers....
                                      Got something to say about this show?


                                      Episode #29 from

                                      PLAY Download 81.9 MB

                                      But he ain't no mo'! Why'd you leave me? Here's a little tribute, and a little more dot'n'colt 45s

                                      Though it ain't much, that's all we've got... this time:

                                      Sanford Clark - Love Charms (DOT)
                                      Sanford Clark - Go On Home (JAMIE)
                                      Sanford Clark - Usta Be My Baby (DOT)
                                      Ray Agee - The Devils Angels (CASH)
                                      LaVern Baker - Substitute (ATLANTIC)
                                      Jimmy Lee & Wayne Walker - Love Me (CHESS)
                                      Buddy Holly - Love Me (DECCA)
                                      Bill Compton - Too Big (LITE)
                                      The Webs - Blue Skies (LITE)
                                      Johnny Wells - Lonely Moon (ASTOR)
                                      Doug Warren - Around Midnight (IMAGE)
                                      Rocky Starr - The Wanderer (BAND BOX)
                                      Curly Sanders - This Time (CONCEPT)
                                      Jerry Irby - The Night I Whipped The Devil (WORLD WITNESS)
                                      Cris Kevin - Haunted House (COLT 45)
                                      Mike Shaw - Coal Mine (CHARIOT)
                                      The White Caps - Why'd You Leave Me (NORTHLAND)
                                      Ben Wasson - Wait For Me Virginia (CAPER)
                                      John Greer - Come Back Maybelline (GROOVE)
                                      Ted Harris - Fairbanks Flood (STRING BUSTER)
                                      Arthur Gunter - Don't Leave Me Now (EXCELLO)
                                      The Doodlers - The Dangerous Dangeroo (JONES)

                                        Got something to say about this show?


                                        Episode #28 from

                                        PLAY Download 80.8 MB

                                        Four Johnnys and one Bobby done gone on a lonely island, getting their thrills loading coal. The joke ends here

                                        one X and a Y... but why?

                                        The Quarter Notes - Punkanilla (RCA)
                                        Bobby One - Cry Of The Wild Goose (NRC)
                                        The Sentinals - Latin'ia (ERA)
                                        Dennis Roberts - Blue Carnation (SIMS)
                                        Fannom Patrick - Eva (SWAN)
                                        Johnny Rose - Linda Lea (CAPITOL)
                                        Don Elliott - Long Black Automobile (GONE)
                                        Dorsey Burnette - Devil's Queen (ABBOTT)
                                        Rex & Herb - Come Back Big Bertha (JANET)
                                        Howard Perkins - Double Clutchin' Man (GO-T)
                                        George & Earl - Done Gone (MERCURY)
                                        Jerry Irby - Clickety Clack (DAFFAN)
                                        Johnny Bond - Wildcat Boogie (COLUMBIA)
                                        Johnny Reno - Naughty Mama (VALLEY'S MEADOWLARK)
                                        Eddie Cash - Lonely Island (ROULETTE)
                                        David Beatty - I Just Got Off The Devil's Train (NOEL)
                                        Chuck Miller - Baltimore Jones (MERCURY)
                                        Johnny Cash - Loading Coal (COLUMBIA)
                                        The Jaybees - I'm A Loner (RCA)
                                        The Rhythm Addicts - The Thrill (FRANTIC)
                                        Bo Diddley - Aztec (CHECKER)

                                        1. Ginchy lady
                                          This one really rocks!! The first track is so amazing..wonderful nonsense as usual. I recently found your show about 3 weeks ago and I’ve been listening out of order, really enjoying it while I’m doing schoolwork. Thanks so much, you hep cats! Sending my love from New York
                                        Got something to say about this show?


                                        Episode #27 from

                                        PLAY Download 87.7 MB

                                        ...is what you got when we have to teach you the karate. Here's the usual bunch of random 45s, some with free extra bonus crackle'n'pop!

                                        My hair is long and purple!

                                        The Bedwells - Karate Again (DEL-FI)
                                        Kent Westberry - Turkish Doghouse Rock (ART)
                                        Lenny Troy - Chinese Junk (WANDERLUST)
                                        Buddy Miller - Buddy Boy (FELSTED)
                                        Johnny Bachelor - Bad Company (KEM)
                                        William The Wild One - Willie The Wild One (FESTIVAL)
                                        Barry Allen - Hot Sunshine (DOT)
                                        Bill Whittley - Fool Fool Fool (AMBER)
                                        Gary Mann - A Rusty Gun (UNIQUE)
                                        Ann Cole - Easy, Easy, Baby (BATON)
                                        Mary Lou Wahl - Mam'selle Marie (DELTA)
                                        Teddy (Mr. Bear) McRae - Hold Out Baby (AMP-3)
                                        Phil Phillips - Verdie Mae (MERCURY)
                                        Tex Williams - Let's Go Rockabilly (DECCA)
                                        Steve Greenberg - Big Bruce (TRIP)
                                        Freddy Robinson - Not Like Now (LIMELIGHT)
                                        J.T. Martin - The Sad Tale (A.R.S)
                                        Dave Curtis - Cold Grey Dawn (DON-RAY)
                                        The Bedwells - Karate (DEL-FI)

                                        1. Frank Wolfman
                                          Hit after Hit
                                        2. Mr.Miagi
                                          just show me your KA-RA-TE eh eh.....
                                        Got something to say about this show?


                                        Episode #26 from

                                        PLAY Download 87.6 MB

                                        and that thing is about dead women in a well, dead husbands in the market, and somebody - not dead yet, playing russian roulette.

                                        You wanna talk about records? We keep'em for a hobby!

                                        Allen Page - Sugar Tree (MOON)
                                        Rita Robbins - The Hook (RCA)
                                        Coye Wilcox - Zippy, Hippy, Dippy (AZALEA)
                                        The Skee Brothers - While I'm Away (EPIC)
                                        Charlie Baker - You Crack Me Up (LIBERTY)
                                        Roberta Lee & Thurl Ravenscroft - You Wanna Talk About Texas (X)
                                        John Jay - Ballad Of The Hounds (NATIONAL SOUNDS)
                                        Herbie Smith - Samson And Delilah (WILDCAT)
                                        Buddy Pruitt - Rustabout Lou (OILFIELD)
                                        Lendon Smith - Women (METEOR)
                                        Ricky Scott - I Didn't Mean It (CUB)
                                        Benny Barnes - Message In The Wind (MERCURY)
                                        Terry Fell - Paper Kite (LODE)
                                        Ronnie Haig - Money Is A Thing Of The Past (NOTE)
                                        Roy Singer - Could You Loan Me Five (STARGO)
                                        Peso Dollar - A Hundred Years Ago (WICKENBURG)
                                        The Fantastics - Millionaire Hobo (RCA)
                                        The Crystals - He Hit Me (PHILLES)
                                        Carolyn Chipman - Keep'em For A Hobby (BETT-COE)
                                        Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan - Stone Cold Dead In The Market (BRUNSWICK)
                                        Dale Wehba - Russian Roulette (KINGS-X)
                                        Bayou Bill - Old Man Of The Marshes (PATIO)

                                        1. Scicky Rott
                                          Just luv it - 'nuff said!
                                        Got something to say about this show?


                                        Episode #25 from

                                        PLAY Download 93.6 MB

                                        ...that's how a bad joke would start. The joke ends with a chaotic radioshow, proclamating everything from human's emancipation to the waddle!

                                        Janet and device of girls head. you know?!

                                        Chuck Carson - Wagons Rolling Westward (GAITY)
                                        Scott Garrett - The Day I Died (OKEH)
                                        Don Crawford - You're Gone (CONDOR)
                                        Bob Fry - I'm Gonna Be Gone (REBEL)
                                        Steve King - Long Lonely Road (MERCURY)
                                        Len Barrow - Hades Highway (YANDEN)
                                        Ray Norman - Heartbreak Station (NASCO)
                                        Tod Tyler - Emancipation Proclamation (DITTO)
                                        The Green Valley Trio - Slave Driver (WEDGE)
                                        Nina Simone - Strange Fruit (PHILLIPS)
                                        Sandy Cooper - The Big Stonewall (WYCO)
                                        Hoyt Axton - Thunder'n Lightning (HORIZON)
                                        The Hightower Brothers - Nobody's Fault But Mine (PEACOCK)
                                        Oscar Hart & The Hartones - My Dreams (SAGE)
                                        The Slades - The Waddle (DOMINO)
                                        The Stylers - Pushing Up Daisies (GORDY)
                                        The Jaguars - I Could If I Would (JANET)
                                        Earl Wright - You Don't Know It (CUTT-RITE)
                                        Prince Carter - Mr. Pawnshop (GO)
                                        Frank Deaton - I Believe To My Soul (TARGET)
                                        Bobby Beck - Swinging On A Chandelier (ABC)
                                        Jimmy Ricks & The Ravens - Walkin' My Blues Away (MERCURY)
                                        Curt Gibson - Cold Steel Door (CULLMAN)
                                        Chuck Carson - The Preacher (GAITY)
                                        Joe Tanner - The Battle (COLONIAL)

                                        1. Molly Malone
                                        Got something to say about this show?


                                        Episode #24 from

                                        PLAY Download 85 MB

                                        ...and more attractions that make you creep into your crypt and die. Like the fly. And the fire of love. And everything around the mushroom cloud.

                                        I shouldn't have played what i played...

                                        Buddy Howard - Devil Dream Song (DEMAND)
                                        Jimmy Smart - Little Rock (PONZER)
                                        Shorty Bacon - Fire Of Love (OZARK)
                                        Ronnie Pearson - Deep Blue Sea (MART)
                                        The Chieftones - I Shouldn't Have Did What I've Done (CUCA)
                                        Jimmy Martin - Song Of The Dugongs (GONE)
                                        Sammy Salvo - Wolf Boy (RCA)
                                        Sammy Salvo - Mushroom Cloud (HICKORY)
                                        Vic Norwin - I Crept Into The Crypt And Cried (GREAT)
                                        Bill Cothren - Cleo (ASTRAL)
                                        Ritchie Adams - Pakistan (IMPERIAL)
                                        Jimmy Comino - Down In The Middle Of The Earth (RRE)
                                        Joey Warren - Goatee (SUPERIOR)
                                        Floyd Van - King Of The Mountain (TRAC)
                                        Lee Andrews - Show Me The Merengue (GOTHAM)
                                        Jack Hammer - Little-Bitty Goose Pimples (KAPP)
                                        Lorne Green - Pop Goes The Hammer (RCA)
                                        Jerry Ballad - Walking With The Blues (AMERICAN)
                                        Del Swade - Love Letter (PRODUCTION)
                                        Calvin Boles - Ballad Of John Prather (YUCCA)
                                        Joe South - I'm Snowed (NRC)
                                        Bobby Christian - The Spider And The Fly (MERCURY)

                                        1. Huddy Boward
                                          Adorable Tunes - Adorable People - Adorable Entertainment
                                        2. Tanzbodenkönig
                                          If you want to learn how to merengue. No problem at all -drop me a line. Truly yours Tanzbodenkönig
                                        3. Robert Popp
                                          Awesome start!!!!been on my list like forever
                                        4. Robert Popp
                                          BBQ soundtrack btw
                                        5. Bird is a word
                                          ♪ Thanks a lot again for the good mood ♥♪
                                        6. Tacolypse23
                                          Been jamming at work when I bake the morning breads.
                                        Got something to say about this show?


                                        Episode #23 from

                                        PLAY Download 89.8 MB

                                        Looks like we accidentally travelled 10000 miles 'cross the mountains with this episode, playing small label 45s from all over the place, that were skyrocketing the charts of the whole entire town!

                                        So i guess i'm just a fool for you listeners...

                                        Bunie Fitz - Just A Fool For You (NU-KAT)
                                        Lee Bonds - Wild Cattin' Woman (TENNESSEE)
                                        Bill White - Leave My Gal Alone (ACCENT)
                                        Kim Terry - Hey Don (ADCO)
                                        Joyce Poynter - Chilli Dippin' Baby (GOLDENROD)
                                        Pat Kingery (voc. by Jennie Cook) - Volcano (GOLDENROD)
                                        Harold Shutters - Blues Of A Broken Heart (GOLDENROD, from LP)
                                        Benny Banta - Carry Me 'Cross The Mountain (VIV)
                                        Eddie Kane - Mushroom In The Sky (KADET)
                                        Bob Blue - You Laughed When I Cried (DAYHILL)
                                        Lee Duncan - That's When I Cried (PERFECTION)
                                        Tex Zario - Go Man Go, Get Gone (SKYROCKET)
                                        Gabe Dean - Where Should I Go (GOLDBAND)
                                        Bobby Sisco - Honky Tonkin' Rhythm (MAR-VEL)
                                        Bill Flagg - A Good Woman's Leaving (TETRA)
                                        Jack Derrick - Black Mail (LONGHORN)
                                        Don Head - Goin' Strong (DUB)
                                        John Rollins - I Got Wheels (FABOR)
                                        The Go-Karts - Rockin' Liza (HOPE)
                                        Larry Hall - Rebel Heart (STRAND)
                                        Vic Ciro - The Sound (JUBILEE)
                                        Jerry Wanye - Ten Thousand Miles (GNP)
                                        Benny Cliff - The Breaking Point (DRIFT, from repro)

                                        1. Roman
                                          Great show, thanks for the music you're broadcastin'. Stay hep!
                                        Got something to say about this show?


                                        Episode #22 from

                                        PLAY Download 77.2 MB

                                        Nooo, of course not - but some guys sure deserve to get a few karate chops. Happy women's day!

                                        You didn't tune in to no saint!

                                        Donna Kramer - A Bowl Of Cherries (COUNTRY BOY)
                                        Sharlet Sexton - You Just Don't Turn Me On (RIMROCK, from LP)
                                        Nancy Adams - Somebody's In My Orchard (RCA)
                                        Cathy Carr - Dark River (ROULETTE)
                                        Jean Shepard - Two Whoops And A Holler (CAPITOL)
                                        Joyce Green - Black Cadillac (VADEN, from repro)
                                        Bob and Lucille - Demon Lover (DITTO)
                                        Charline Arthur - Burn That Candle (RCA, from LP)
                                        May Hawks - Meet Me Down In Nashville (FORTUNE)
                                        The Collins Kids - I'm In My Teens (COLUMBIA)
                                        Eddie Hickey - Lady May (DECCA UK)
                                        Bobby & Glen - The Last Mile (PEP)
                                        Al Dean - Hangman (SONIC)
                                        Tony Shepperd - Zach (RCA)
                                        Neil Ray - Big Fanny (PLANTATION)
                                        Bill Sherrell - Yes, No Or Maybe (TYME)
                                        Bobby Lewis - I'm Nervous (SABER)
                                        Rodney Scott - Bitter Tears (MR PEEKE)
                                        Willie Hays - Walking The Streets After Dark (JEWEL)
                                        Jody Reynolds - Closin' In (DEMON)
                                        The Hill-Dillies - Women's Liberation (HILL-DILLIES?)

                                        1. Globby & Ben
                                          Adorable episode Lovlies. Diverting entertainment as always. Luv it. Btw I know one, who's lookin for a Demon Lover ;-)
                                        2. Demon Lover
                                          Who's lookin for what? eh eh
                                        Got something to say about this show?


                                        Episode #21 from

                                        PLAY Download 87.8 MB

                                        We're here to remind you, that you forgot to bring flowers for your loved one... like last year! You might get away with it if you play some cheesy love songs at full blast all night. And if there's no such person in your life, just worship us!

                                        You're born to love one million records!

                                        Tony Bellus - Valentine Girl (NRC)
                                        Ric Cartey - Born To Love One Woman (RCA)
                                        Don Sargent - Deep Goes M'Love (RCA)
                                        Tommy Collins - You're For Me (CAPITOL)
                                        The Mariners - His Gold Will Melt (CADENCE)
                                        Don "Red" Roberts - Only One (RAMA)
                                        Carole Bennett - Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt (CAPITOL)
                                        Sonny Day - Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt (ABC)
                                        Stanley Kimball - No Return (GEM)
                                        The Vistas - Moon Relay (TUFF)
                                        Hank Riley - Consolated Egotated Love (STARK)
                                        Bo Diddley - Dearest Darling (CHECKER)
                                        Betty Luther - Hearts Don't Break (TOPPA)
                                        Joey Castle - Wild Love (HEADLINE)
                                        Helen Grayco - Lilly's Lament (VIK)
                                        Marty Wilde - My Baby's Gone (EPIC)
                                        Ruth Brown - Why Me (ATLANTIC)
                                        Helen Carter - I'm All Broke Out With Love (TENNESSEE)
                                        Bob & The Rockbillies - Your Kind Of Love (BLUE CHIP)
                                        Gene & Ruth - It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog (KING)
                                        Billy Wallace - What'll I Do (MERCURY)
                                        The Five Blobs - From The Top Of Your Goggle (JOY)

                                          Got something to say about this show?


                                          Episode #20 from

                                          PLAY Download 90.8 MB

                                          Yes, we're good in bed... just sleeping and dreaming of records, while outside there's too much snow. That's why this episode came a bit late, but at least you get the usual concept-free hour of infotainment!

                                          Why don't you all go wild?!

                                          Lance Roberts - Have Myself A Ball (DECCA)
                                          Penny West - Lonesome Blues (OZARK)
                                          Don Burton - You're Fire (DIAL)
                                          Cris Stamos - Gypsy Love (DART)
                                          Jerry Wallace - Good And Bad (CHALLENGE)
                                          Dub Dickerson - My Gal Gertie (CAPITOL)
                                          Danny Dill - My Girl And His Girl (ABC)
                                          Bob Roark - Walk On Boy (VPR)
                                          Jackie Lee Cochran - Mama Don't You Think I Know (DECCA)
                                          Ronnie Dee - Action Packed (BACK BEAT)
                                          Stuart Hamblen - Hell Train (RCA)
                                          Virgil Holmes - Ghost Train (ATLANTIC)
                                          The Ugly Ducklings - Nothin' (YORKTOWN)
                                          Guido D'Amico - I'm In Love With You (QUALITY)
                                          The Chieftones - Indian Moon (CLAREMONT)
                                          Tex Williams - Thunder On The River (SHASTA)
                                          George Darro - Too Much Snow (NATIONWIDE)
                                          Kenny Ball - 900 Miles (JERDEN)
                                          Jerry Reed - Rockin' In Bagdad (CAPITOL)
                                          The Beats - Bagdad Daddy (DESIGN)
                                          The Just Luv - Valley Of Hate (M-S)
                                          Pee Wee King - Why Don't You All Go Home (RCA)
                                          Judy Sword - D.B. Cooper, Where Are You? (LAVENDER)

                                          1. Rance Loberts
                                            Miss you Guys to hang around with ya and hear some tunes :-(
                                          2. Pablo Escobar
                                            There is never too much snow.... eh eh
                                          Got something to say about this show?


                                          Episode #19 from

                                          PLAY Download 79.2 MB

                                          You and i were not in the same mood when we started the show, but these records changed it all... So i know who's gonna sleep with me on this dark and stormy christmas night!

                                          How embarassing?!

                                          Jerry Grant - Talkin' Bout Love (ATCO)
                                          Paul Moneymaker (voc. Lindy Cooper) - I'm Tired (FREDLO)
                                          Carl & Norman - Shooting For The Moon (EMPIRE)
                                          Johnny David - Race With The Devil (DOT)
                                          Judy Sword - Skyjack '71 (LAVENDER)
                                          Don Fardon - Dreaming Room (GNP CRESCENDO)
                                          Dan Price - Who's Gonna Sleep With Me (RANGER)
                                          Tony Douglas - Thunder And Lightning (D)
                                          Johnny Fuller - Don't Slam That Door (IMPERIAL)
                                          Grady Lewis - Runaway Lover (COLONIAL)
                                          Blind Blake - Love, Love Alone (ART)
                                          Johnny Horton - Broken Hearted Gypsy (MERCURY)
                                          Johnny Horton - Lover's Rock (COLUMBIA)
                                          Jay Brinkley - Forces Of Evil (DOT)
                                          Glen Glenn - One Cup Of Coffee (ERA)
                                          The Holly Twins - Okefenokee (RENDEZVOUS)
                                          Curley Williams - On The Okefenokee (COLUMBIA, from LP)
                                          Lonzo & Oscar - See Saw Baby (DECCA)
                                          Chuck Bowers - You And I Are In The Same Mood (DECCA)
                                          Troy Talton - Strange Desire (KIN)
                                          The Fugue Four - Jaywalking (UNITED ARTISTS)
                                          Denny Reed - Hot Water (MCI)

                                            Got something to say about this show?


                                            Episode #18 from

                                            PLAY Download 83.7 MB

                                            yes, no doubt this title makes as much sense as the show itself. A random something from your favourite blabbermouths!

                                            Who's gonna play the next one, honey?!

                                            Terry Noland - Crazy Dream (BRUNSWICK)
                                            Van Spalding - Shootin' Man (ROI)
                                            Chuck Bowers - Blabber Mouth Sidewalk Stroll (DECCA)
                                            Lonnie Smithson - Me And The Blues (STARDAY)
                                            Loyd Weaver - One Wheel Draggin' (CORAL)
                                            Jack Arnold & The Chalecos - Pistol Packin' Mama (WILDCAT)
                                            Vic & The Versatiles - Berlin Wall (DANDY)
                                            Buddy Wilkins - Private Eye (TRI-ESS)
                                            Mick & The Shambles - Lonely Nights Again (VERVE FOLKWAYS)
                                            Johnny Long - Six String Buddy (ARTISTS)
                                            Ray Sanders - My World Is Upside Down (TOWER)
                                            Travis Hobbs - Lobo The Killer (TRAHO)
                                            The Gentry Brothers - Swanky (DIXIE)
                                            Lee Denson - Devil Doll (KENT)
                                            Hal Goodson - Who's Gonna Be The Next One (SOLO)
                                            Randy McKee - No Doubt About It (BOUNCE)
                                            The Quarter Notes - Oriental Rock (GLENN)
                                            Larry O'Keefe - Love's Dream (FREEDOM)
                                            Jimmy Hombs - Voo Doo Dolly (JACK BEE)
                                            The Mitchell Trio - Your Friendly Liberal Neighborhood Ku-Klux-Klan (MERCURY)

                                              Got something to say about this show?


                                              Episode #17 from

                                              PLAY Download 84.3 MB

                                              ...cause it's full of nutty ladies this time! One is trying to poison you with coffee, the other uses a bunch of killer 45's.

                                              standing on the concept of social hospitality:

                                              Kay Martin & Her Bodyguards - The Heel (ROULETTE)
                                              Alma Balier - Tell The Truth (SGM)
                                              Linda Leigh - The Scent (AMERICAN Int'l)
                                              Roxie Williams - Fifteen Seconds (LUCKY 11)
                                              Bill 'Zekie' Browning - I'll Pay You Back (LUCKY)
                                              Ernie Maresca - Lonesome Blues (SEVILLE)
                                              The Canadian Rogues - Keep In Touch (PALMER)
                                              Bobby Sharp - Last Night In The Moonlight (DESTINY)
                                              The Emersons - Hungry (NEWPORT)
                                              Leslie York - Lightning Struck My Heart (KING)
                                              Al Urban - Gonna Be Better Times (SARG)
                                              Peggy Upton & Danny Buck - What'cha Gonna Do Tonight (STARDAY)
                                              The Davis Twins & Sleepy Jeffers - Pretending Is A Game (STARDAY)
                                              Homer & Jethro - The Nutty Lady Of Shady Lane (RCA)
                                              Little Junior Parker - I Wanna Ramble (DUKE)
                                              Mike & The Ramblers - Worry (BROOKE)
                                              Rick Webster - Misty City (SPARTON)
                                              Ron Hatfield - Bad Man (CINATONE)
                                              Johnny Bond - All I Can Do Is Cry (COLUMBIA)
                                              Ginny Wright - Indian Moon (FABOR)
                                              Suzanne - You May Never Know (LIBERTY)
                                              Roy & Georgia - Looking Up (CROSSFIRE)

                                              1. Mischka
                                                Oh, and i didn't mention that both Bill Brownings were from Ohio ...here's the article i was talking about: http://www.bopping.org/bill-browning-or-bill-zekie-browning-two-rockabillies-in-ohio-1957-1961/
                                              2. Richard
                                                How much for the Roy & Georgia?
                                              3. Roy & Georgia
                                                Hi Richard, i'm looking up to see what Scaba paid for me... I'm worth € 70 ($80). If you want me in your collection, just send an email to: mail@gollygoshohgee.de
                                              4. L.V.Beethoven
                                                Absolute Fantastic Show.... Love This Modern Tunes.... Big Hughs
                                              5. Roll Over Beethoven
                                                Thanks a lot... but ehm, modern tunes? Well, they used to be
                                              Got something to say about this show?


                                              Episode #16 from

                                              PLAY Download 84.3 MB

                                              ...that's what we call social distancing! At least mentally. You're all a bunch of hippocrites! Says Red River Jake

                                              A one way trip to a world of another kind:

                                              The Four Tophatters - One Arabian Night (CADENCE)
                                              Larry Young - No Sleep, No Rest (WILLET)
                                              Tommy Mercer - Volcano Rock (VOLCANO)
                                              Johnny Tyler - Devil's Slate (RURAL RHYTHM)
                                              Johnny Tyler - Devil's Hot Rod (EKKO)
                                              Buddy Lowe - It Happened To Me (IMPERIAL)
                                              Johnny Garner - Little Starry Eyes (IMPERIAL)
                                              Barbara Mandrell - Alone In The Crowd (MOSRITE)
                                              Tom Sline - Red River Jake (SARG)
                                              Glenn Bland - Mean Gene (SARG)
                                              Billie & Mark - Deep Down (DEMON)
                                              Jimmy Witherspoon - Endless Sleep (RIP)
                                              Mike Reynolds & Bill Payne - When Will I Find Her (GUM)
                                              Craig Brown - Cell Walls (ATLANTIC)
                                              Tommy Uhr - Cold Hearted Woman (20th FOX)
                                              Red Berry - What A Dolly (DREEM)
                                              Sonny Burns - Satan's A-Waitin (STARDAY)
                                              Bud Landon - Running Man (BELLE)
                                              Johnny Price - Marijuana, The Devils Flower (REXELL)
                                              Nervous Norvus - Ape Call (LONDON)
                                              Jules Blattner - Gamblin' Man (BOBBIN)
                                              Alicia Adams & Bobby Sims - Big Red Devil (BEEP)

                                              1. Dark Lord
                                                Thank you for playin lotsa of songs 'bout me. I'm really hooked my devilish friends.
                                              2. The Sentimental Sentinel
                                                I'm Big in Love with all those Tearjerkers. Top Show as always. Thank you for that.
                                              3. Justin Russell
                                                You played "Shootin' Man" by Van Spaulding! I have this record! Didn't know anyone else knew it! Do you guys also have the pic sleeve? If not, I can send photos of the back and front.
                                              4. Mischka
                                                Justin, that's great to hear! We knew nothing about this 45, cause it wasn't listed anywhere. I only found the plain record. I'm surprised it came with a picture sleeve, and of course we'd love to see that! So if you like, you can send a sleeveshot to mail@gollygoshohgee.de
                                              Got something to say about this show?


                                              Episode #15 from

                                              PLAY Download 82.8 MB

                                              You wanted a gruesome twosome, but you got singing children and a teenage caveman who became an adult guru

                                              Where you're gonna run to?

                                              The Five Blobs - Rockin' Pow Wow (JOY)
                                              Jack & Jim - Midnight Monsters Hop (BRUNSWICK)
                                              Paul Peek - Riddle Of The Papahoos (MERCURY)
                                              Tommy Blake - The Hanging Judge (RECCO)
                                              Tommy Blake - Lordy Hoody (SUN)
                                              Bobby Moline - Devil Get Behind Me (PARK AVE.)
                                              Roy & Georgia - Devil Get Away From Me (CROSSFIRE)
                                              The Southcoasters - Hurricane (ALL BOY)
                                              J.W. Stewart - Pulpwood Charlie (MUSIC CLEF)
                                              The Southcoasters - Black Gold (ALL BOY)
                                              Rick Webster - Wig Wag (SPARTON)
                                              Randy Luck - I Was A Teenage Caveman (ART)
                                              Louis Innis - What's He Got (KING)
                                              Charlie Gore - Sock Hop (FAN)
                                              Charlie Gore & Louis Innis - Female Hound Dog (KING)
                                              Jerry Engler - Sputnik (BRUNSWICK)
                                              Tommy Sands - Sinner Man (CAPITOL)
                                              Tommy Duncan - Daddy Loves Mommyo (FIRE)
                                              Whitey Gallagher - Searching (REPUBLIC)
                                              George Hamilton IV - Everybody's Body (ABC)
                                              The Gaylords - Chow Mein (MERCURY)

                                              1. Mobby Boline
                                                Btw.... Now he got me? Only for lettin' you know....
                                              2. The Hanging Judge Roy Bean
                                                Told you so, sinner! If you keep burning the devil's flower, you gotta burn too!
                                                ...and no more lychee nut wonton soup four you either!
                                              Got something to say about this show?


                                              Episode #14 from

                                              PLAY Download 81.2 MB

                                              ...discovered in the cold cold river by sick little willie from far away in the black night. Oh well!

                                              Twin exhaust sound effects!

                                              Tommy Faile - Big Train (CHOICE)
                                              Johnny Bond - Lonesome Train (COLUMBIA)
                                              The Olympics - Well! (DEMON)
                                              Eddie Carl - Little Willie Wampum (OH MY)
                                              Ron Lee - Far Away (KEESON)
                                              Wayland Chandler - Cold Cold Grave (4STAR)
                                              Johnny & The Hurricanes - Crossfire (WARWICK)
                                              Hawkshaw Hawkins - Big Red Benson (COLUMBIA)
                                              The Collins Kids - Heartbeat (COLUMBIA)
                                              Harry Douglas - Timber's Gotta Roll (SEECO)
                                              Tommy Angel - Black Night (NASCO)
                                              Scooter Gill - Phantom Wheels (RIVER)
                                              Ernie Chaffin - Phantom Rider (RIVER)
                                              T. Texas Tyler - Hot Rod Rag (DECCA)
                                              Troyce Key - Baby Please Don't Go (WARNER BROS.)
                                              Arlie Duff - Aligator Come Across (DECCA)
                                              Randy Hobbs - You Better Run (GATOR)
                                              Bill Carter - Jailer Man (HONEE B)
                                              Bill Carter - Shot Four Times (MGM)
                                              Terry Corin - Sick! Sick! Sick! (COLONY)
                                              Kenny Ottey - Sick! Sick! Sick! (RCA)
                                              The Moonlighters - Broken Heart (JOSIE)

                                                Got something to say about this show?


                                                Episode #13 from

                                                PLAY Download 86.5 MB

                                                We were afraid of doing episode no. 13, cause we couldn't find any records with a superstitious subject. But at least we failed at doing the livestream we promised before!

                                                as mean as a cobra through and through:

                                                Jimmie James - Run Son Run (CARL)
                                                The Tennessee Drifters - Chinese Maid (MAID, from DeeJay reissue)
                                                The Coasters - Run Red Run (ATCO)
                                                The Landsmen - The Cat (SOUTH COAST)
                                                Jimmy Johnson - How About Me? Pretty Baby (VIV)
                                                Tabby West - Texas Millionaire (DECCA)
                                                Dickie Thompson - Thirteen Women (HERALD, from LP)
                                                Betty Foley - Old Moon (BANDERA)
                                                Charles Walton - Teen Age Blues (SKY)
                                                Bobby Lord - No More, No More, No More (COLUMBIA)
                                                Chance Halladay - Bury Me Deep (BULL DOG)
                                                Trini Lopez - Sinner Not A Saint (COLUMBIA)
                                                Lonnie Donegan - Lorelei (PYE)
                                                Cory Wells - Sinner Man (VALIANT)
                                                The Animals - I'm Crying (MGM)
                                                The Connoissurs - Count Macabre (M-P)
                                                Dave Lowe - A Tramp (LIBERTY BELL)
                                                Merle Kilgore - The Bell Witch (MGM)
                                                Shady Wall - The New Raunchy (DECCA)
                                                Lawton Williams - Satan's Bell (D)
                                                Johnny Cole - War No More (ORIGINAL SOUND)
                                                Curly Sanders - Walking Blues (CONCEPT)
                                                Wayne Cochran - The Coo (SCOTTIE)

                                                1. Arbeiterkind André
                                                  GREAT SHOW! Thank you so much for serving such coll & obscure music!
                                                2. Klasse Arbeiter
                                                  Thanks André, for you we'll dig out some more working man's songs!
                                                Got something to say about this show?


                                                Episode #12 from

                                                PLAY Download 83.4 MB

                                                A show completely free of crime, execution, offenses, crazy road hogs and frankensteins... and the devil... wouldn't be that interesting, right?

                                                Smoke your pipe with peace!

                                                Wayne Handy - Seminole Rock'n'Roll (TREND)
                                                Buck Griffin - Cochise (LIN)
                                                Dart Ward & The Cut-Ups - Misery (RIP)
                                                Dale Hawkins - Everglades (uniss. from Norton LP)
                                                Ray Yeager - Take Out A Loan (TIARA)
                                                The Crew-Cuts - Electric Chair (WHALE)
                                                Billy Eustis - The Rope (R)
                                                Nick Villard - The Day Of The Gun (PYE)
                                                Karl Denver - Snow Shoes Thompson (DECCA)
                                                Arthur Smith & His Crackerjacks - Truck Stop Grill (MGM)
                                                Rocky Lane & Vernon Miller - Crazy Road Hog (RIDGECREST)
                                                Voni Morrison - Too Broke To Break (FANTASY)
                                                The Hollywood Flames - Frankenstein's Den (EBB)
                                                Paul Steffen - The Devil's Soul Is Black (CITE)
                                                Ray Stanley - Love Charms (ZEPHYR)
                                                Bobby Barnett - Cheatin' Kathleen (SIMS)
                                                Evil - From A Curbstone (uniss. from reissue)
                                                Jimmy Walker - Swamp Country (SWAMPER)
                                                Evelyn Freeman - Water Boy (UNITED ARTISTS)
                                                Art Killmer & The Up-Town Four - The Devils Twist (WEDGE)

                                                1. ARB
                                                  Is the Everglades version you are thinking of Ted Browne?
                                                2. Swamp Aligator
                                                  Hey ARB, thank you for the research, but that's not what it was! The more i think about it, the more i guess it really must have been Dale Hawkins himself that i heard, without ever knowing it would be him. It sure was pretty long ago, and i might be getting old :-/
                                                  But i'm happy about your input, and Tedd Browne's version is really interesting!
                                                Got something to say about this show?


                                                Episode #11 from

                                                PLAY Download 86.3 MB

                                                ...and no time to cry about spending too much on records, cause this one is kind of a cheapo show with great value for little money!

                                                Here's what i got on my own, my own:

                                                Rusty Draper - Gamblin' Gal (MERCURY)
                                                Bob Ballard - Fire In My Heart (COAST)
                                                Sanford Clark - Sing'em Some Blues (JAMIE)
                                                Bob Ballard - Rangoon (COAST)
                                                Sanford Clark - A Cheat (DOT)
                                                Dick Hammonds - The Bandolero (BANDOLERO)
                                                Tommy Spurlin - No Time For Heartaches (ART)
                                                Darrell McCall - Hud (PHILLIPS)
                                                Sanford Clark - The Man Who Made An Angel Cry (DOT)
                                                Joe London - Lonesome Whistle (LIBERTY)
                                                Jamie Coe - School Day Blues (ADDISON)
                                                Freddie Neil - Heartbreak Bound (ABC)
                                                Trini Lopez - What Have I Got On My Own (REPRISE)
                                                Freddie Neil - Travelin' Man (ABC)
                                                The Rolling Stones - Off The Hook (DECCA)
                                                Richard Hayes - Misery's Child (DECCA)
                                                Red Sovine - Outlaw (DECCA)
                                                Kay Starr & Tennessee Ernie - You're My Sugar (CAPITOL)
                                                Connie Francis - It's Gonna Take Me Some Time (MGM)
                                                Irma Thomas - Ruler Of My Heart (MINIT repro)
                                                Roy Montrell - That Mellow Saxophone (SPECIALTY repro)
                                                Jimmie Osborne - You Can't Sometimes Always Hardly Ever Tell (KING)
                                                Lefty Frizell - Brakeman's Blues (COLUMBIA)
                                                Johnny Eager - The Howl (DESIGN)

                                                  Got something to say about this show?


                                                  Episode #10 from

                                                  PLAY Download 78.8 MB

                                                  The devil himself was the engineer... of this episode. And he doesn't talk as much as we usually do, so there's more room for some pretty hot 45's.

                                                  from Chuck to Chug-a-Luck:

                                                  Phil Carter - Amazon (CHALLENGE)
                                                  Gene McKown - Ghost Memories (BRASS)
                                                  The Devils - Just Like That (DEVLETT)
                                                  Steve Alaimo - Blue Fire (DICKSON)
                                                  Bobby Brown - Down At Big Mary's House (VADEN)
                                                  Bailin' Wire Bob - Hillbilly Lovin (FEE BEE)
                                                  Eddie Kirkland - Train Done Gone (LU PINE)
                                                  Marcel Bontempi - Down Bound Train (TWI-LITE)
                                                  Chuck Berry - The Downbound Train (CHESS)
                                                  Hollis Champion - Old Red Devil (LINCO)
                                                  Bill Blevins - Crazy Blues (NATIONAL)
                                                  George Darro - Eye'n You Up (NATIONWIDE)
                                                  Bill Blevins - Baby I Won't Keep Waiting (NATIONAL)
                                                  Jimmy & Johnny - Sweet Singing Daddy (DECCA)
                                                  Jimmy Ford - Don't Hang Around Me Anymore (STYLO)
                                                  Kenny Lee - Song Of The Singing Wind (STARS)
                                                  Larry Williams - Love Charms (unissued / from JukeBoxJam 45)
                                                  Chuck Mayfield - Four Faces High (ABBOTT)
                                                  The Renowns - Wild One (EVEREST)
                                                  Chuck Miller - Vim Vam Vamoose (MERCURY)
                                                  The Chug-A-Lucks - The Devil's Train (LIN)

                                                  1. Steffen Lahm
                                                    eh eh eh.... no jokes 'bout my name please
                                                  2. The Engineer
                                                    Hey Mister boss man guitar, we're the ones to make lame jokes!
                                                  3. Muck Chiller
                                                    great show fellas..... you're adorable
                                                  4. charmaine
                                                    still got some love charm available? i'd buy them all!
                                                  Got something to say about this show?


                                                  Episode #9 from

                                                  PLAY Download 90.8 MB

                                                  The ghost of casey jones is making this show a trainwreck... i guess he was suicidal!

                                                  Now that's something else:

                                                  The Starfires - Something Else (ROMCO)
                                                  Commonwealth Jones - Jump And Run (BANNER, from LP)
                                                  The Starfires - Everywhere I Go (ROMCO)
                                                  Jay Swan - You Don't Love Me (CROSS repro)
                                                  Light Crust Doughboys - Pussy Pussy Pussy (TexasRose LP)
                                                  Jerry Lee Lewis - Hillbilly Music (SUN)
                                                  Slim O'Mary - Story Of Henry Wells (H & K)
                                                  Rod Morris - Ghost Of Casey Jones (LUDWIG)
                                                  Edwin Bruce - Rock Boppin' Baby (SUN)
                                                  Edwin Bruce - Eight Wheel Driver (sunissued / from BearFamily LP)
                                                  Harry Charles - Petoskey Towm (WILDCAT)
                                                  Lee Elliott - Headed For Heartache (DOT)
                                                  Robert Zehm - Satan's Suitcase (Z)
                                                  Billy Wallace - That's My Reward (MERCURY)
                                                  Ray Scott - Devil's Gotta Hold (RCT)
                                                  Andy & The Live Wires - You've Done It Again (APPLAUSE)
                                                  Joe "Cannonball" Lewis - I'm Mighty Hard To Beat (MGM)
                                                  Louis Innis - Suicide (KING)
                                                  The Ivy Three - Suicide (SHELL)

                                                  1. Henry Wells
                                                  2. Mod Rorris
                                                    What can I say....Great show as usal..... The Ghost told me, if you don't wanna hold the 45 anymore, you can send it to the West of L.E. ;-)
                                                  Got something to say about this show?


                                                  Episode #8 from

                                                  PLAY Download 75.5 MB

                                                  Was that a mighty grumpy Mischka last time? Well, now is the time to be angry!

                                                  I wish you would... have more like that:

                                                  Sonny Knight - But Officer (ALADDIN)
                                                  The Gatemen - The Klan (MAY)
                                                  The Clovers - The Gossip Wheel (POPLAR)
                                                  Slim O'Bannon - I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (JEWEL)
                                                  Hank Penny - The Strong Black Man (WASP)
                                                  Roy Corwin - Preachin' Talk ("POPCORN" repro)
                                                  Junior Parker - Next Time You See Me (DUKE)
                                                  Jo Casey - Town Of Broken Dreams (HONEE B)
                                                  Peanut Gallery - Out Of Breath (CANTERBURY)
                                                  The Collins Kids - Mercy (COLUMBIA)
                                                  Link Wray - Roaring Guts (NORTON LP)
                                                  Bobby & The Bright-Lites - Huntsville Rock & Twist (REX)
                                                  Billy Boy Arnold - I Wish You Would (VIDID)
                                                  Dorsey Burnette - Hard Working Man (ERA LP)
                                                  Guitar Slim - I Done Got Over It (SPECIALTY)
                                                  Steve Shuma - Thunder Lightning (R.E.F)
                                                  Junior Wells - Little By Little (PROFILE)
                                                  Smoki Whitfield - Take The Hint (CREST repro)
                                                  Eddie Kirk - Five Star President (RCA)
                                                  Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors - Scream! (SURF repro)

                                                    Got something to say about this show?


                                                    Episode #7 from

                                                    PLAY Download 72.2 MB

                                                    I'm grumpy! Scaba wanted to do a show! Grumpy gosh oh gee... it's just another random mess!

                                                    Oh, i could have mentined so much boring trivia. Such as: we accidentally played two nicotine songs (nicotunes?), one being by Johnny Bond, who also happens to be the writer of "Firewater". And i should have played some Little Richard instead of Bunker Hill or that destroyed Otis Blackwell. Not even a joke about Ken Copeland was in there! Where's my common sense...?! Ah here it is:

                                                    Ray Stanley - Common Sense (CAPITOL)
                                                    Cal Danger - Restless (FONTANA)
                                                    Ronnie Self - Ain't I'm A Dog (COLUMBIA)
                                                    Rusty Evans - Jack Hammer (RIBBON)
                                                    Deane Hawley - Bossman (DORÉ)
                                                    Bunker Hill - The Girl Can't Dance (MALA)
                                                    Mac Curtis - The Low Road (KING)
                                                    Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan - The Wheel That Does The Squeaking (CAPITOL)
                                                    Paul Chaplain - Nicotine (HARPER)
                                                    The Carlisles - Rattlesnake Daddy (MERCURY)
                                                    The Maritimers - Firewater (RODEO)
                                                    Jeff Tabor - Here's Where A Broken Heart Lives (DOLTON)
                                                    Guido D'Amico - Jimmy Boy (QUALITY, from reissue)
                                                    Gene McKown - Get Up An Go (BRASS)
                                                    Jack Scott - I Never Felt Like This (CARLTON)
                                                    Kenny Smith - Walkin' By My Lonesome (RURAL RHYTHM)
                                                    Otis Blackwell - Daddy Rollin' Stone (JAY-DEE)
                                                    Sleepy Jeffers - My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now (STARDAY)
                                                    Don Wright - Mary Mary (CADENCE)
                                                    Johnny Bond - Five Minute Love Affair (LONDON)
                                                    Kent and Snuffy - Bye Bye Buddy (MGM)
                                                    Paul Evans - Happy Go Lucky Me (GUARANTEED)

                                                    1. STAY RANLEY
                                                      Great to have these lovely Ones at our Streamin SHow for the BIP BOP BOOM next Friday: https://www.facebook.com/events/700280974062626/
                                                    2. Sir Grumps-a-lot
                                                      The elite of facebookdom won't let me peep through the windows of your private party! I bet you got monkey celebrities and color TV... Discrimination! says your antisocial socialist
                                                    3. Bird is a word
                                                      Have missed some of your programs, but enjoying 'em now! Such a bliss!! Thanks guys for what you do.
                                                      PS and it's just awesome that you have this webside with the saved ones. Miss ya dudes ♥
                                                    Got something to say about this show?


                                                    Episode #6 from

                                                    PLAY Download 79.9 MB

                                                    What was supposed to be a pre-mother's day liveshow turned out to become a nonsense halloween psycho thingy. But why? Ask Lucille!

                                                    If you don't love this, i'm gonna get mad:

                                                    Fred Darian - Strong Man (JAF)
                                                    Tex Atchison - Tennessee Hound Dog (SAGE)
                                                    Ray Stevens - Chickie Chickie Wah Wah (CAPITOL)
                                                    The Kuf-Linx - Service With A Smile (CHALLENGE)
                                                    Gene Nitz - Running From The Law (COUNTRY CARAVAN)
                                                    Darrell Glenn - Bye Bye Young Girls (RCA)
                                                    Frank Evans - Pull The Shades Down Ma (STARDAY)
                                                    Orella Myers - Ask Lucille (ZERO)
                                                    Loretta Lynn - Gonna Pack My Troubles (ZERO)
                                                    The Esquires - Judgement Day (GLENVALLEY)
                                                    The Schulman Kids - V'Jinja (RENNER)
                                                    Salty Holmes - The Ghost Song (DECCA)
                                                    Ben Joe Zeppa - Riding Herd (HUSH)
                                                    Dickey Lee - Stay True Baby (TAMPA)
                                                    Joy Russel - Woman (NASCO)
                                                    Ronnie Wolfe - The First Time And Forever (APPLAUSE)
                                                    Jack Turner - Story Of The Smoky Mountains (RCA)
                                                    Jack Turner - Nightmare (RCA)
                                                    Ann Jones - I've Had It (KING)
                                                    The Devils - Devil Dance (DEVLET)
                                                    Billy Barton - Day Late And A Dollar Short (no label?!)
                                                    Tommy Faile - The Rest Of My Life (LAWN)
                                                    Joe Tucker - Vampire (RKO UNIQUE)

                                                    1. Daddy'O Schulman
                                                      What's goin with da Kidzzz today. I'm out of the house and what they doin' - playin his new kind of music. Tzzztzzztzzzz
                                                    2. THE DEVIL
                                                    3. Bird is a word
                                                      Thank you so much!
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                                                    Episode #5 from

                                                    PLAY Download 81.9 MB

                                                    Time life music presents: the unexpected superhits of the 50's losers. No, just the usual random pick-and-spin ...and nerdy jibba jab ...and a square record!

                                                    When i asked you for records, you gave them a spin...

                                                    Faron Young - Dingaka (MERCURY)
                                                    Paul Anka - Late Last Night (COLUMBIA)
                                                    Jerry Byrne - Lights Out (SPECIALTY)
                                                    Dean Reed - Pistolero (COLUMBIA)
                                                    John Ashley - The Net (DOT)
                                                    Billy Wallace - Mean Mistreatin' Baby (MERCURY)
                                                    Terry Gordon - Service With A Smile (CADENCE)
                                                    Penny West - Needle In A Haystack (OZARK)
                                                    Chance Halladay - Lucky Me (BULL DOG)
                                                    The Revs - Go Or Blow (SPEEDWAY)
                                                    Dean Christie - I'm A Loser (SELECT)
                                                    Doug Hardin - The Storm (REV)
                                                    Red Kirk - Red Lip Girl (REPUBLIC)
                                                    Corky Jones - Rhythm'n'Booze (PEP)
                                                    Billy Barton - The Devil, My Concience And I (RADIO)
                                                    Sonny Day - 37 Men (MALA)
                                                    Dave 'Diddle' Day - Blue Moon Baby (FEE BEE)
                                                    The Jewels - My Baby (IMPERIAL)
                                                    The Dodge City Boys - Dodge City (DODGE CITY)
                                                    Gloria Henson - Rovin' Girl (CAPITOL)
                                                    Lorrie Collins - Another Man Done Gone (COLUMBIA)
                                                    Bruce Culver - Square Record (MMI)

                                                    1. Paule Paulinski
                                                      thank you for thinkin of me. Maybe next time you prepare a lunch for me and fondle me the whole noon. Thank you for that. Miaow
                                                    2. Dodge City Boy
                                                      Thank you for playin this Dodge City anthem. Greetings from Dodge City
                                                    3. Bird is the word
                                                      Thanks a lot guys!
                                                    4. DJ Sonoflono
                                                      Dean Reed on Columbia? Not Capitol?
                                                    5. El pistolero
                                                      Oops, you're right! We just said what we first thought it would be on, cause the 45 had no label at all anymore. Whoever finds mistakes can keep them... all for free! Thanks for the input, we like nerds who see such things!
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                                                    Episode #4 from

                                                    PLAY Download 80.3 MB

                                                    The two-faced travellin' caveman with the horn of a rhinoceros loves flertie gerties hipbone! Lotsa talkin' and gigglin' again, but this time interrupted by some great 78's and the usual mess ups. Enjoy!

                                                    what you see is what you get:

                                                    Terry Fell - Caveman (RCA)
                                                    Dick Curless - Travellin' Man (TOWER)
                                                    Shelly Lee Alley - Hang Your Pretty Things By My Bed (VOCALION)
                                                    The Jiv-A-Tones - Flirtie Gertie (FELSTED)
                                                    Charlie Gore - Oh Mis'rable Love (KING)
                                                    Rod Willis - Ol' Man Mose (CHIC)
                                                    Ted West - Call Of The Devils Rider (MGM)
                                                    Della Hicks - When De Debbil Taps You On De Back (RUBY)
                                                    Terry Preston - Tennessee Hillbilly Ghost (4-STAR)
                                                    Wayne Cochran - Liza Jane (GALA)
                                                    Tommy Scott - Freckle-Faced Gal (FEDERAL)
                                                    Johnny Fallin - Wild Streak (COLUMBIA)
                                                    Howington Brothers - Two Faced (DECCA)
                                                    Louisiana Red - Ride On Red, Ride On (ROULETTE)
                                                    Stan Robinson - Rhinoceros (AMY)
                                                    Happy Wilson - Haunted House Boogie (MGM)
                                                    Big Buddy K - Lumber City (VEE JAY)
                                                    Doodle Duncan - Death Row (LIN)
                                                    Tommy Faile - Ball And Chain (NOB)
                                                    Don Sargent - St James Infirmary (WORLD PACIFIC)

                                                    1. Arbeiterkind André
                                                      LOVE YOUR RADIO SHOWS!!
                                                      GREAT Music, GREAT SOUND too!

                                                      cheers an don't stop running GOLLY! GOSH! OH GEE!
                                                    2. Flirtie Gertie
                                                      TOP NOTCH ENTERTAINMENT - KISS KISS BANG BANG
                                                    3. Hella Dicks
                                                      Brother Pray Pray for another Recordshow to stay....
                                                      Awesome and Adorbale Show.....
                                                      Truely yours Sista Hella
                                                    4. Piff Paff Piffin
                                                      Cochise Cochise Cochise he smoke his pipe with peace.....
                                                    5. Bird is the word
                                                      Love you shows guys and miss you so much! Thanks for these great moments!! Rock rock rock!!!
                                                    6. A-Dee
                                                      Keep it up! Good Work!Give out some free tacos as prizes, whe you let people guess things! ;)
                                                      just kidding!
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                                                    Episode #3 from

                                                    PLAY Download 79.2 MB

                                                    Just sea witch songs we got for you this time! Oh mercy, grandpa shot the octopus four times!

                                                    Lotsa hot stuff on there:

                                                    Johnny Jay Colonna aka. Quinn Miller - The Sea Witch (MAGNET)
                                                    Billie Jean Horton - Octopus (20th FOX)
                                                    Larry Young - Billy Switch (WILLET)
                                                    Charlie Gore - Black Diamond (BLANK)
                                                    Hugh Lewis - Bloody Harlan (FERN)
                                                    Cecil Bowman - Lay Your Hoe Down (D)
                                                    Chuck Reed - When A Southern Boy Sings The Blues (ROULETTE)
                                                    Doug Harrell - Hospitality Blues (COLONIAL)
                                                    Bobby Charles - One Eyed Jack (CHESS)
                                                    Conway Twitty - Big Town (self cut)
                                                    Jimmy Nichols - No Woman (TERRY)
                                                    Charles Walton - Four Four Time (SKY)
                                                    Terry Fell - I'm Hot To Trot (X)
                                                    Ann Castle - Go Get The Shotgun Grandpa (X-POWER)
                                                    Joe Price - Typhoon (STARDAY)
                                                    Johnny Fuller - Mercy Mercy (IMPERIAL)
                                                    Jim McCall - A Rover And Rambler (VETCO)
                                                    Tony Middleton - Blackjack (TRIUMPH)
                                                    Tex Williams - Money (DECCA)
                                                    Jackie Gotroe - Golden Spur (KEEN)
                                                    Dave Gardner - Mad Witch (OJ)
                                                    Dave Gardner - Fat Charlie (OJ)

                                                    1. MONKEY LOVER
                                                      great Show with great 45s.... Love that... bring good vibes to the monkey cave....
                                                    2. Bärbel
                                                      looks just like the monkey speaks his mind!
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                                                    Episode #2 from

                                                    PLAY Download 99.2 MB

                                                    Another bad attempt to act like radio DJs ...full of fails, love and great 45's!

                                                    Again, here's a playlist:

                                                    Johnny Perry - Take My Love To The Voodoo Man (CHEROKEE)
                                                    Lee Emerson - Start All Over (COLUMBIA)
                                                    Hank Penny - Hadacillin Boogie (RCA)
                                                    Ric Cartey - Let Me Tell You About Love (RCA)
                                                    Cal Veale - Standing On The Edge Of Nowhere (LAS VEGAS)
                                                    Roland Stone - Moaning Soul (USA)
                                                    Bill Carter - Ramblin' Fever (HONEE B)
                                                    Jimmy Bowen - Everloving Fingers (ROULETTE)
                                                    Charlie "Peanut" Faircloth - F-O-O-L-I-S-H - M-E, Me (DECCA)
                                                    Eloise Carter - My Man Rockhead (SUE)
                                                    Lee Finn - High Class Feelin' (WESTPORT)
                                                    Bob Davies - Never Anymore (RAMA)
                                                    Eddie Curtis & The Hellions - Leavin' Town (ORIOLE)
                                                    Lonny Nye - Lonley Train (LO-LON)
                                                    Bobby Grove - Whistle Of The Gravy Train (KING)
                                                    Richard Berry - Next Time (FLAIR)
                                                    Tennessee Ernie with Bucky Tibbs - Hambone (CAPITOL)
                                                    Don Johnston - The Whipmaster (CHIC)
                                                    Mitchell Torok - The Haunting Waterfall (ABBOTT)
                                                    Jimmy King - Knockin' On Your Door (HERALD)
                                                    Jack Cardwell - Slab-Ka-Dab (KING)
                                                    Lillian Offit - I Can't Go On (EXCELLO)
                                                    Kitty Wells - I Don't Want Your Money, I Want Your Time (DECCA)
                                                    Gloria Becker - Sixteen Pounds (REAL)
                                                    George Morgan - Tennessee Hillbilly Ghost (COLUMBIA)
                                                    The Uncalled For - Do Like Me (LAURIE)
                                                    Ronnie Wolfe - The Devil (APPLAUSE)
                                                    Nick Adams - Things Could've Been Different (RCA)
                                                    Whitey Gallagher - Gotta Roam (REPUBLIC)

                                                    1. Whitey Gallagher Fan Base
                                                      wanna hear the other great side of the W.G. 45.... searching for the 45 as well
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                                                    Episode #1 from

                                                    PLAY Download 75.1 MB

                                                    the very first episode of our little experiment to cheer you up in this unusual situation. Or maybe we just have too much time...

                                                    some of you prefer to read what we played, instead of listening to our goofy announcements, so here's a playlist:

                                                    The Webs - Lost (LITE)
                                                    Jo Casey - Cole Miner (HONEE B)
                                                    Carol Honeycutt (Arthur Smith & His Crackerjacks) - Teen Age Rebel (MGM)
                                                    Emery Blades - Rock and Roll Carpenter (RUBY)
                                                    Merle Kilgore - Dig, Dig, Dig, Dig (EPIC)
                                                    Chester Smith - Thirsty (POPPY)
                                                    Terry Fell - Who Who's (CREST)
                                                    Kenny Roberts - Hillbilly Style (CORAL)
                                                    The Jewels - Goin' Goin' Gone (IMPERIAL)
                                                    Kitty Ford - Blue Diamond Ring (JARO)
                                                    Tex Atchison - Mailman (SAGE)
                                                    Billy Wallace - Wolf Call (DEB)
                                                    Ernie Chaffin - Laughin' and Jokin' (SUN)
                                                    Louis Innis - Whammy Bammy Buzzard Goozer (KING)
                                                    Randy Luck - 12 O'Clock (ART)
                                                    Marvin Rainwater - Albino (Pink-Eyed) Stallion (MGM)
                                                    Barbara Evans - Beatnik Daddy (RCA)
                                                    Don Sargent - Leadfoot (CATALINA)
                                                    The Persian Market - Flash In The Pan (LIGHTNING)
                                                    Dick Buscher - Outlaw (CUCA)
                                                    Curly Sanders - Dynamite (CONCEPT)
                                                    Ken Craig - Silver Coin (BERTRAM)

                                                    1. Dave Dowda
                                                      Great show! I just discovered it. Can't wait to hear all the episodes.
                                                    Got something to say about this show?